1)We had 4 members of the public present
2)Christmas 2014 and 2015;
a)The Tree Blessing Service was well attended;about 250 people with Padiham Rotary 
helping Father Christmas and Howard Wadsworth lead the service’Imogemn and Jude (year 2) switched on the lights.Thanks to Roger,Jay,Nick,Graham and Ian for erecting the tree and sorting lights.Mrs Smith ,Headteacher for the service sheets,Guides and Brownies for the mince pies and John Aizlewood for help with Church.
b)The Parish Christmas Party and Lunch was less well attended than previous years even after allowing for meals for poorly people.
After hearing feedback from senior citizens we agreed for the Clerk;
*)to book the Parish Hall for Saturday 5th December 2015
*)to contact the mobile Theatre Company to see if available then,or if not then when(priority list of plays made)
*)to reserve the date/bookings for a Party in case of non availability.
c)Christmas Tree Festival ;St Johns Church Read;Parish Council had a decorated tree in the Festival
3Arts and Culture 
a)Brian Jeffries,a local historian spoke about the recent successful World War 1 commemorations in the village and proposed to lead a Walking Tour of the Village with a World War One Theme in April/May 2015.This offer was unanimously accepted and Parish Council will assist with publicity.
b)Linking the World War One walk and proposed play.Members considered that we should investigate the interest in forming an Arts and Culture Group for the village.We have a Reading Circle,there may be interest in Chess,Young Mums events,Dances,the Padiham Green Walkway extension etc.so we agreed to consider and write to residents via notice board,press etc. to gauge interest.The idea being that the Parish Council would not run events but assist residents with expertise or modest pump priming.
a)The Chairman had received a letter from the Honourable Rob Nicholson PC,QC,MP ,Minister of National Defence of Canada ,thanking the Parish Council and Residents for their efforts in providing the stone plaque for the remembrance of Lance Corporal Breckell ,of the Saskatchewan Regiment,killed in World War One.A copy will be placed on the Parish Notice Board and in the Village Library.
b)East Lancashire Dementia Strategy;The Chairman had attended a working group and reported back.
c)Planning for Your Future Care and Wellbeing(End of Life and Dementia Care);the Chairman reported on attending a focus Group to advise local people on planning matters.An Age Concern leaflet will be placed on the Parish Notice Board and in the Village Library.
5Membership;We noted the resignation of David Waring as Parish Councillor.
6Parish Amenities
a)Dog Waste Bins;We agreed to place an additional dog waste bin on Trapp Lane near the Jubilee Bench(Members of the public raised the need earlier in this municipal year).
b)A671 Potholes adjacent to Eastbound bus stop.Reported to LCC and acknowledged by them.
c)Refurbish and relocate Signpost at bottom of Simonstone Lane;in progress.
d)Flowerbeds at bottom of Simonstone Lane ;Sponsorship;Discussions ongoing.
e)Clough Lane Access;after residents concerns ,we raised the matter with the County and understand that the offending signs are relocated.
7Civic Sunday will be 7th June 2015.
If you have any queries or wish more information on the two Councillor Vacancies please 
contact Mr Roger Hirst ,Clerk to the Parish on 01200 428742,
David Peat OBE
Chairman Simonstone Parish Council