Simonstone Parish Council ;Chairmans Notes of 12th March 2015 Meeting
1)Present Councillors ,Clerk and 3 members of the public.
2)Activities in the Parish of Simonstone(list of clubs /social organizations).Is on the Parish 
Council website.
Agreed to seek a grant for further play/walks /talks in Simonstone,to encourage community   
social links.
3)Refurbishment of Cast Iron Signpost on A678/Blackburn Road,opposite Simonstone 
Lane;Lancashire County Council will part fund refurbishment and relocation with Parish 
Council;to happen asap.
4)Flower Beds at junction of Simonstone Lane and A678/Blackburn Road Fort Vale 
Engineering to provide rotavation,planting,maintenance.Thanks to Fort Vale.
5)Dog Bins ;Parish agreed to support provision of 3 rubbish bins at School Lane/Clough 
Lane Junction,Jubilee Bench on Trapp Lane and Whins Lane near Trapp Lane(Note 
Borough  Council agreed to provide and empty 2 bins ,One on School Lane near Clough 
Lane and One near the Jubilee Bench;The Council are struggling to find a bin site in the 
Parish on Whins Lane which is safe for service users and cleaning staff and vehicles.
6)Annual Garden Competition;agreed to Two £20 prizes.
7)Mayors Reception;Chairman and Cllr Norse attended;there was a briefing on process 
and timetable for May Elections.
8)Lancashire County Council Parish Champion has provided a grant to fund a new 
computer for the Parish Council.
Next meeting 9th April 2015 at 7pm ;this is also the closing day for nominations for 
Parish,Borough and Parliamentary elections.
David Peat OBE 
Simonstone Parish Council.