2012/3 was a year of change for the Parish Council.

We welcomed new Councillors during the year ,namely Woodside Roads's Cllrs Steve

Dawson Scott Avenue's Joanne Quinn and Harewood Avenue's Russ Hargreaves.

We met Mr Nigel Evans,our MP and County Councillor Atkinson to discuss local issues .

We placed a new bench on Trapp Lane commemorating HM the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

Several of our members were involved in organizing the successful joint Read and Simonstone Jubilee Gala.

We had Wild Flower Beds planted at the bottom of Simonstone Lane.

We replaced the Christmas Tree Lights for our Christmas Tree.

We are pleased to see new SLOW and Yellow Hash markings in Trapp Lane.

We implemented the SPID Speed Indicator shared with Sabden Parish.

We hosted a successful Senior Citizens Christmas Party & Donated to the Little Green Bus service.

We have distributed over 500 questionnaires to homes and businesses seeking your views on the future Plans for the Parish.

We placed a new Parish Notice Board in the Parish Garden ,moved the existing one to the wall of the Stork Hotel.

We established the Parish Website: http://www.simonstone.org.uk
and now regularly post to Facebook: https://facebook.com/simonstone.pc
and Twitter: https://twitter.com/simonstone_pc

For 2013/4 we still continue to aim to make Simonstone Parish “A Better Safer Place to Live and Work”,so we will:

1 Analyse and summarise your responses to the Parish Plan Consultation to inform priorities for 2014/5

2 Work with local residents to see how we can commemorate the names of Simonstone Residents omitted from the Villages  First World War Memorial(If you know of any such omissions from any conflict including both world wars please let us know).

3 Provide 2 extra grit bins for the village

4Refurbish and replace the finger signpost at the south end of Simonstone Lane. (Subject to sourcing additional funding.)

5Continue the frequency of use of the SPID. (Speed Indicator Device)

6Support the Parish Senior Citizens' Christmas Party.

7Continue to work with Read Parish supporting play facilities for young people
8 Purchase additional lights from money donated for the purpose.

9Continue the Wild Flower Beds at the bottom of Simonstone Lane with the Junction with Blackburn Road. (Subject to sourcing additional funding.)