1Domestic Energy ;The Parish Council had a presentation from Mr John Barber,Domestic Energy Officer from Ribble Valley Borough Council,who is available to advise groups of people and individuals on assistance and advice,regarding energy use and efficiency   through the Ribble Valley B C and Energy Savings Trust websites .Also he has access to “WarmHome/Healthy People” Packs on a first come/first served basis .

2Refuse and Recycling;

Ribble Valley Borough Council still has a supply of large Green Bins for Garden Refuse available by calling 01200 425111.

Also we are all encoraged to provide as much paper and cardboard as we can for “White Bag” collections;it is valuable and income helps to keep our local rates down.

3Bins for Salt and Grit;There are a number of Yellow grit and salt bins in the village,provided and filled by Lancashire County Council;However residents have advised the parish of 6 more sites for grit and salt bins,but these do not meet the County Criteria.Councillors have visited residents in those areas and decided to  fund the provision of these 6 bins plus the first filling with  salt stocks. After the first filling local  residents have agreed to replenish .These will be  placed in the following locations as soon as we can arrange delivery ;

DawsonAvenue/Harewood Avenue Junction

Woodside Road

Harewood Avenue bend

Fountains Avenue/Bylands Close

Fountains Avenue/Kirkland Avenue

Fountains Avenue/Furness Avenue

4Ribble Valley Snow Angels ;Salt bags were delivered to senior residents recently;Snow clearing packs(shovel,grips etc.) will be available in 4 locations.

5Martholme Link;The Parish will work with colleagues in Read and Great Harwood Parishes,the County Council,Hyndburn Borough  and SUSTRANS to see if the route can be reopened.

6Proposed Dog Control Orders in Ribble Valley;The Council discussed these orders and incidents of dog fouling on pavements.We agreed to ask Ribble Valley to consider providing  dog waste bins in School Lane/Trapp Lane and considered that the Proposed Dog Exclusion Order and Dog (Specified Maximum) Order were too general and required clarity and modification.

7 Footpath Harewood Avenue/School Lane ;Councillors will seek the views of Residents about upgrading a footpath across the Green prior to a  decision at the next Parish Council meeting on 13th March.

8Councillor Vacancies ;There are 2 Parish Councillor vacancies on the Parish Council;if any resident is interested in considering the position,please contact Roger Hirst ,Clerk to the Council on 01200428742 for an informal discussion.

David Peat OBE