The Parish Council met on 9th January and discussed a number of issues related to  Parish Plan matters;

Winter Weather.

1) Salt and Grit Bins;Since the Harewood and Furness/Kirkstall Avenue areas do not meet the County Criteria for the provision of Grit Bins ,but have been identified by residents in the Parish Plan  as problem areas in snow and ice,the Parish Council will ask  residents in those areas for views if the Parish provides a salt bin and the first fill of salt for each location ,if residents would continue to provide salt thereafter;this scheme already works in the Woodfield  area of the Parish ;Councillors Hargreaves and Hodbod respectively will visit houses to seek levels of interest.

2) Ribble Valley Snow Angels;this Borough Council funded scheme provides a bag of salt  to older residents homes and a supply of shovels;we have an up to date list of older residents in the Parish and will shortly tell you more about this scheme for your home.The idea is that residents,friends,neighbours or family can help older people get in or out of their houses in snow or ice weather.

Parking and Access to School Lane.

3) With the intention of relieving parking congestion on School Lane,encouraging walking to school and assisting walking in the village,the Parish Council has looked with the County and Borough Councils at a plan to provide a made footpath across The Green from Harewood Avenue(near the junction with Haugh Avenue),to School Lane.This proposal features in the School Transport Plan too.Between 80 and 90% of the cost is anticipated to  be met by the County,Borough or School and so the Parish Council will seek the views of Residents living between Harewood Avenue and School Lane ,before we decide whether to proceed.

Grants to Voluntary Bodies

4) The Council approved Grants to Ribble Valley Citizens Advice Bureau and Little Green Bus Service ,used by residents,for 2014/5.

2013 Christmas Events

5) 78 Residents enjoyed the Party on 7th December;We particularly appreciated the generosity of those local companies which donated  prizes ie The Stork ,The Higher Trapp,Speaks Butchers,,The Spar Shop plus Parish Councillors,and also local residents who helped on the day serving and washing up.

Compliments of the Season

David Peat OBE.