Latest Read & Simonstone Community Organisation list put together by Councillor Greera Stevenson:

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Ribble Valley Seniors Forum

The Forum does some great work, and is keen to involve more people – anyone is welcome to attend, but the group is particularly keen to involve those aged 50+. There were about 15 people at the last event who enjoyed the discussion around Health in Ribble Valley, where it was suggested that the Forum becomes a consultative body for future proposals. The Forum meets about every 6 weeks in different locations, and usually has an interesting speaker. Meet new people, and help to make a difference.
Click here for their website.

Developing Community involvement and Activities in Ribble Valley

Please find the below a very useful tool for all people interested developing community involvement and activities in Ribble Valley.

Local Police

01200 458734,- PSO7851 Di Bioletti,  P.c 244 Sally Biggar 01200 458772 voice mail

(Also meet them at the local PACT meetings)

Lancashire Constabulary has launched a new website to enable members of the public to access services online. You can now report crime, contact an officer direct and apply for some jobs online by clicking the ’do it online’ tab at visiting

To find out more about our new online crime reporting service, click here

Little Green Bus Service (Dial-a-ride bus service)

Little Green Bus is a vital transportation service in the Ribble Valley and surrounding areas providing sustainable community services to elderly, isolated and often vulnerable members of our community. Their Mission is to promote social inclusion and wellbeing by providing a safe, accessible, demand responsive and door to door network of transport services to residents of the Ribble Valley and surrounding areas. The objectives of Little Green Bus are to provide a range of quality, client sensitive transport services for passengers in and around the Ribble Valley, whilst demonstrating an active commitment towards continuous improvement and increasing the areas covered by current services. (Simonstone PC donated to this in 2011).

01200 444484 Donna Atkinson Manager or Click here for their website.

Local Reputable Tradesmen

Homewise, your local Home Improvement Agency, can help anyone who needs to finda good reputable Tradesman and most of our services are FREE OF CHARGE toanyone.ITS TIME TO COMBAT THE COWBOYSOur dedicated team will:~ Give you advice on proposed works or improvements to your home~ Help find reputable tradesman to carry out works identified~ Provide support and advice throughout the works~ Advise on funding sourcesIf you are struggling to pay for works that are needed to your home we can advise onorganisations that may be approached for financial assistance;YOUR HOME IS YOUR CASTLE HELP IT STAY THAT WAYRecent client comment;"A big thank you for all the time and energy you have put into obtaining a shower formum. You have been understanding towards mum's needs and I am grateful for this."Remember we are here to help, advise and provide information on ANY home maintenanceissues you may have. Contact us on 232249, email to or callinto our offices 214 Whalley Road, Accrington.We also offer Free Home Maintenance Surveys; these will provide you with advice onplanning maintenance to your home and highlight works which need doing now aswell as works that need to be tackled in the future and the estimated costs for each.


Red Cross Carer's Support Service for Ribble Valley

There is a new Red Cross Service Coordinator who is keen to develop our Carers service in the Ribble Valley. They have funding from Land Rover for the next 3.5 years to support vulnerable older people living in your area. Our service offers free short-term practical and emotional support to help improve independence and well-being of carers and the cared for.

Form here:…/Red_Cross-Ribble_Valley_Carers_refe…

and in Word document here:…/Red_Cross-Ribble_Valley_Carers_refe…

Our key areas of support for carers are to:

· Provide practical support such as assisting with shopping and prescription collection to help the carer manage day to day

· Provide the carer with every day first aid awareness to increase their safety and that of the person they care for

· Provide companionship and emotional support to help the carer feel less isolated

· Assist the carer to attend support groups and help them meet new people and learn new skills

· Accompany the carer to appointments and activities to help them stay healthy and participate in their community

· Provide a sitting in service to give the carer a few hours respite

· Signpost or refer the carer to other organisations that provide specialist support

· Arrange the loan of medical equipment

· Refer the carer to our relaxing and stress relieving hand, arm and shoulder massage service

Carers can either self-refer or be referred to us by organisations, nurses, GPs etc.

We can offer free ‘Every Day’ first aid training for groups of carers, looking at first aid scenarios such as what to do in the event of their cared for having a stroke / heart attack for example (min 6 carers). We can also include manual handling situations such as what to do if someone can’t get up off the floor for example.

Volunteer Car Scheme (door to door volunteer scheme)

The volunteer car scheme is a door-to-door transport service for elderly and often isolated residents of the Ribble Valley to transport them to vital appointments that they would not be able to attend without our support, due to either mobility issues or lack of transport facilities in their locality.For further information and to request a car please ring 01200 444484. Any car drivers who would like to use their own car to volunteer for the above scheme please contact us on the number above.

01200 444484 Donna Atkinson Manager or Click here for their website.


Dog Warden/Pest Officer

01200 425111 ext 2464 –  The dog warden will treat reports of dog fouling with confidentiality.
Environment Agency – Flood line 0845 988 1188

Help Direct

Help Direct offers practical support, guidance and information to all adults, regardless of situation or circumstance. Call for a friendly chat on 0303 333 1111 or visit our website for more information.

Read Parish Council

Click here to view the website of our adjoining village's Parish Council.

Hyndburn & Ribble Valley Community Voluntary Support

Do you want to find out what volunteering opportunities areavailable in Ribble Valley? Have you thought about volunteering? Do you have a couple of hours a week to spare? For more details, call us on 01254 879966 or email:

Smart Water

Smart Water can help reduce the number of burglaries. Each sample of water they produce has a different DNA, which the Police can run a UV light to detect the smart water. It is then sent off and checked, and they are abel to compare the smart water aginst the data-base. Then determine who the property

belongs to. All they need is a fraction of smart water, the size of a pen dot to determine the DNA code.

Burglers has stated that if they know that smart water has been used they move on. So signage is very important

10ML bottle will be enough for a house, we might be able to obtain some via RVBC or Local Police. Earl indicated that this could cost as little as £10-£15.

However, the insurance companies do not offer a discount yet for using smart water.

The smart water will remain on metal for 25 years.

Councillor Graham Melloy attended a Parish Liason meeting where Earl Garner from Smart Water, gave a presentation on the use of Smart Water, to help reduce the number of burglaries.


Calico Homes

Providing quality services that make a difference to people's lives.
Calico Homes Limited owns and manages homes in Pennine Lancashire for families and older people, plus student housing, supported housing and services for the homeless.
Calico Enterprise Limited delivers a range of projects across the North of England to provide housing-related support; tackle worklessness; and give information and advice.
Registered Offices: Centenary Court, Croft Street, Burnley, Lancashire, BB11 2ED
For information about e-mail security and privacy, and our Data Protection Policy please visit our website.

East Lancashire Women's Refuge Association

The East Lancashire Women's Refuge Association (ELWRA) operates